Structured Cabling 


Smart Wiring Your Home

The one thing every new home must have – A well-thought out home containingthe Hills Home Hub will add thousands of dollars of value. Smart wiring with the Hills Home Hub allows you to take fulladvantage of the technologies now available and prepares your home for the technologies of the future. It will entertainyou, educate your children and this latest smart technology will add convenience that you never thought possible.

The Hills Home Hub delivers and distributes data, phone, video, audio andTV signals using the latest in data and TV cables from a centrally located enclosure to specially configured wall outletsin any room of your choice. Structured cabling using the Hills Home Hub is preferably planned at the same time as yourelectrical wiring. The central enclosure is home to the devices that enable the delivery and distribution of these signals.An ideal location for the central enclosure is a garage or utility room.

The Hills Home Hub is a suite of products designed to achieve a Smart Wired Home. It includes enclosures and a comprehensivecollection of modules each designed to provide a range of services around the home including;

  • distributed audio and background music
  • distributed television
  • centralised audio visual components
  • centralised telephone and DSL
  • centralised data communications
  • integrated intruder detection
  • video distribution of CCTV



HHH600 Hub with PH/DATA/TV Distribution 

8 Port Computer Patch Panel

Active TV Distribution Splitter

Patching Telephone Module

Power Supply 25 Watts 18V AC

Wall Plate