The Vacu-Maid Revolutionary Split System 

Why Is The Vacu-Maid Split System The Most Efficient Central Cleaning System Available?

The efficiency of any vacuum cleaner or system is governed by the method of filtration employed by the unit. Put simply, the air that carries dirt from your floor has to be filtered to separate the dirt picked up before that air is exhausted out of the power unit.

The most common methods of filtration are:

  • The inverted cloth filter/bag system.
  • The disposable paper filter/bag system.
  • The poly filter/bag system.
  • The foam filter system
  • The unrestricted cyclonic method utilised in the Vacu-Maid Split System.

With any system that pushes air through a physical barrier to achieve separation, that airflow is restricted by up to 2% (even with a clean bag or filter). As the barrier clogs with dust and carpet fluff, this restriction is increased as illustrated on the graph below, where a mere 624 grams of dirt can reduce the cleaning power by up to 65% for an inverted filter/bag system.


Vacu-Maid’s revolutionary split system now gives you the flexibility you need.
  • New technology motor/blower units for quieter operation.
  • Heavier shaft (10mm) and double ball bearings along with Vacu-Maids exclusive motor mounting method gives less vibration and longer life.
  • Ability to separate motor pod and dust collector.
  • Even greater efficiency of Vacu-Maids cyclonic filtration system.
  • Easier cleaning and disposal of collected debris.
  • All metal construction for long life strength and superior distribution of motor heat.
  • External exhaust system with integrated muffler – no more microscopic nasties recirculated into your motor or living areas.
  • choice of inlets and finishes ( P.V.C. , Powder coated steel, Brushed stainless steel )
  • Optional utility inlets – either on the dust collector or remotely mounted.
  • Full range of cleaning attachments.

Our experience of over 40 years is your guarantee of quality and satisfaction.