NBN Ready 


Are You Ready For The NBN (National Broadband Network)?

The NBN is coming to your street. It’s best to start preparing your home for it now.

When the NBN comes to your area, you will need the internal infrastructure necessary to use it. Our NBN and Data Communications division can prepare your new home for the NBN arrival or retrofit your existing home as required. There are two basic issues to consider when weighing up your home’s NBN readiness: how you bring your NBN feed into your house, and how you distribute it. The right combination of fixed and wireless networking will get all your devices online as quickly as possible. But what about the first part — the interface with the NBN?

The easiest solution is to get an all-in-one home gateway that will manage the NBN connection and
provide communications services.


Passive TV Splitter

8 Port Data Module

No Matter how sophisticated your current TV/Data and telephone networks are, our expert NBN and Data Communications team can design a package to suit you.