Music System 



Vacu-Maid (Australia) has chosen to supply and install Music Systems distributed by a selection of the world’s best manufacturers. Our most popular is the Hills Home Music System. This system allows four different inputs of your choice (TV, Stereo, Radio and Media centre) which can then be distributed to up to 8 different areas via the Music Manager and the highest quality in wall/ceiling speakers. Any of the zones can select any one of the sources at any time so you can have 4 discreet areas, each playing from any one of your four sources. An auxiliary input can be installed at each Music Manager to create a fifth individual source in any particular area.


Music Room Manager 

The Hills Home Music System

Music at your fingertips, wherever/whenever you want it.

The Hills Home Music System is the perfect partner for your lifestyle and entertainment needs.

It seamlessly integrates into your home utilising state-of-the-art discreet in-wall and in-ceiling flush mount speakers.

Weather resistant outdoor speakers are also available to extend your listening experience outdoors.



8″ Circular Ceiling Pair

6.5″ Rectangle Wall/Ceiling

5″ Indoor/Outdoor Pair

Premier 8 Zone Music Distribution System with HPM Source Plate


Power Supply 

Music Hub 

4 Input Source Plate