How The Vacu-Maid Central Vacuum System Works

How Does A Vacu-Maid Split System Work?

With a Vacu-Maid central vacuum system, dirt and dust travel to the power unit located away from your living area, usually in the garage, where the unit can be exhausted to the atmosphere. This prevents recirculation of any dust particles and helps eliminate “Sick Building Syndrome”. Simple to use, you just insert the vacuum hose into an outlet (located conveniently around your home), and remove when you are finished. The motor unit will turn off automaticallly. No cumbersome vacuum cleaner to drag around up and down stairs. No power cord.

Asthma and hayfever sufferers no longer have to leave the house while vacuuming is done and dust mites are completely removed from your home. Sleeping babies are not disturbed as all noise is eliminated from the area being cleaned. The noise reduction features incorporated into the Vacu-Maid power unit have to be heard to be believed!

Cyclonic Filtration

Vacu-Maid systems use true cyclonic separation.

Semi-cyclonic or filtered systems use an inverted cloth bag, disposable bag, foam or cartridge type filter to catch the fine particles. With the Vacu-Maid true cyclonic separation system, as the dirt enters the canister, the air inside swirls like a cyclone forcing the heavy debris to be deposited in the bottom of the can as the air flow changes direction. The exhaust air then travels up through the eye of the cyclone, through a specially designed bypass turbine and out to atmosphere. The microscopic dust particles normally recirculated back into the room via a portable vacuum cleaner or blown into the area housing the semi cyclonic or filtered central vacuum unit are safely removed from the building area. The motors used in Vacu-Maid cyclonic power units are specifically designed to function under true cyclonic separation conditions.

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