Central Vacuum Systems

Not only will a Vacu-Maid central vacuum system protect your family’s health, a built in central vacuum system is the pinnacle of efficiency and an investment in the care of your flooring. It saves time and energy and eliminates the noise, smell and costly upkeep of portable vacuum cleaners. With a Vacu-Maid central vacuum system in place all you have to do is plug in a lightweight hose and start vacuuming. It’s that simple. As an added bonus a Vacu-Maid central vacuum system is affordable and can be installed in most existing homes in one day.

Designed and constructed to the highest standards by Lindsay Manufacturing Inc., one of the worlds leading manufacturers of central vacuum units, the Vacu-Maid central vacuum systems supplied and installed by Vacu-Maid (Australia) are unmatched in quality and efficiency of operation.

Why Buy A Vacu-Maid Central Vacuum System


Cleaner Air = Allergy Reduction

As soon as you start using your new Vacu-Maid central vacuum system you will notice how much cleaner the air is in your home. Allergy sufferers will notice an immediate reduction in their symptoms. Science has proven that using a central vacuum system actually alleviates allergy symptoms as it draws allergens out of the house away from the living environment. Portable vacuum systems can’t do this as they recycle vacuumed allergens back into the air. Read details of these findings in the US Davis Central Vacuum Clinical Study (PDF).


Continuous, Deep, Powerful Cleaning

The powerful motor in the Revolutionary Vacu-Maid Split System central vacuum system with its Cyclonic Cleaning Power can be up to three times more powerful than a portable vacuum cleaner. The unit maintains suction at peak power throughout use delivering 100% sustained cleaning power. Portable vacuums and other central vacuums decrease in suction power as the dust chamber fills or the filter gets dirty. The motor is located away from the main living area in a basement or garage and is stationary and cooler providing the strongest possible suction taking not only surface dust but but also the deep grit and particles that age carpet. The stationary power unit of the Vacu-Maid central system means no damage to your home, unlike portable vacuum systems which get dragged around, up and down stairs, knocking into and damaging walls, skirting and furniture.

Vacuum Noise Minimised. Has to be heard to be believed!

Unlike the old portable vacuum, with a Vacu-Maid central vacuum system, the source of the noise is located elsewhere so you can vacuum in peace and quiet, even if someone is trying to sleep or talk on the phone. Vacuuming and life can actually exist side by side!

So Easy To Use

Most of us don’t enjoy housework! By using a Vacu-Maid central vacuum you can reduce the “pain” of vacuuming. No more lugging and pushing around heavy portable vacuums. Forget about emptying dusty bags and standing on chairs to reach those high tricky places. Forget moving furniture to plug in the vacuum. The Vacu-Maid central vacuum system makes cleaning and dusting as close to painless as possible. Effectively, and quickly clean every nook and cranny of your home easily.


Dust collects everywhere, not just on your floors. The lightweight hose of the Vacu-Maid central vacuum system allows you to reach areas that need cleaning outside of your home too. Clean the car, caravan, boat, garage, shed. Anywhere there is dust and dirt, clean easily without having to drag out the portable vacuum or sweep with a broom which just stirs the dust around. It is a well known fact in the industry that 80% more men vacuum when a central vacuum is installed. Men say, “It is more like a power tool than a household appliance.”

Say Goodbye To Portable Vacuums Forever

Once your Vacu-Maid central vacuum unit is installed you will get years and years of trouble free vacuuming. Portable vacuums need to be replaced every few years and are prone to damage, wear and decreasing efficiency. Most Vacu-Maid owners get at least 10 years before they even need to think about replacing accessories or scheduling maintenance. There are so many advantages to owning a Vacu-Maid.

  • Suction at 100% maximum cleaning power, continuously.
  • Quiet operation.
  • No power cords or extension leads.
  • Large dirt can capacity.
  • Saves you money over time, compared to replacing and maintaining portable vacs.
  • Longevity of all parts.
  • Lightweight and so easy to use. Never awkward or unbalanced
  • No recirculating of microfine dust particles into your living environment.

An Investment In Your Property Value

Installing a Vacu-Maid central vacuum will add value to your property. Money spent installing your Vacu-Maid will not only save you money over time but will be a valued asset to your property which will reap rewards when the property is sold.

Our experience of over 40 years is your guarantee of quality and satisfaction.